My ambition is to sell my Ferrari just like the monk did. And i know, for doing that i need to own a Ferrari first.

The new Monk & Ferrari story. Whats wrong with little ambition? little happiness? little peace. I grew up in a middle class upbringing. Money was necessity, success meant different things. having too ambitious nature  was considered as  an incorrect thing. Rich were born, never made. inspiration was to Study , get a decent job, Marry a good girl, buy a house to fulfill  the ultimate dream.


When i was young,  you would be lucky then if you had a  car.It was the ultimate mark of success. So was the refrigerator and a color television and a motorcycle in 1970s. Those were that kind of days, when a small amount of  money could buy a lot of things. But even small amount of earning was rare.

Then we saw many people venturing business. Business we never heard of. Some business we thought where only government was allowed. New generation took over the new era. They were not afraid to fail. they wanted to try at least.  Now came the era where a Ferrari , which is an ultimate sign of success was seen on indian streets.

15 odd years passed by, and today i work with one such an entrepreneur who is employing over 6000 employees. He did it in a span of twenty years.

When i was writing this message, i strongly felt the generation gap between today’s startups and my thinking. After i wrote it i felt free. Today Indian market is flooded with amazing examples of enterprising new businesses. Across the length & breadth of the country engine manufacturers, Food manufacturers, organised retail, even unorganized retail on the streets has shown some amazing entrepreneurship and success stories.

It didn’t feel bad to acknowledge that i wanted to buy a Ferrari, and a lifestyle which allows me to sell it and live a cool life. Defining what i want and committing to it was not so bad. Yes,i also want to sold my Ferrari, but for doing that i need to buy one. That is a real motivation and moment of truth for any one working hard to make his dreams come true. Unlike 70s there are 100 percent more chances to get your startup  successful. With advance of communication, funding we have more opportunities than ever and more tools than we know.

Well iam happy for this spirit of entrepreneurship within me and still dream to startup my own communications firm one day.  Till then, This is it.

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