life without petrol

कहानी पेट्रोल की how will be life without petroleum Products

  A fictional peak in to life without petroleum Products, Peak oil, Environmental economics, Petroleum politics, Petroleum, Futurology, alternative energy, Energy crisis, petrol, diesel, kerosene, wood, cng, cars, lpg, autolpg, coal. वर्ष 2040, आज का दिन : पेट्रोल व डिजल Read More

Zoomcar, now Convenience, Mobility, independence at Nagpur

Every booming Metro has the world class conveyance for its commuters. This 23rd may upcoming metro Nagpur will witness a new way to ride. After the cab revolution, we are set to receive the new form of Car Rental Services. Read More

Auto LPG retail

Marketing Challenges for Parallel Marketer – Auto LPG retail in India.

Petroleum products have always been sold as the need-based products. You buy Petrol, Diesel, Auto LPG when you need it. With increasing number of stations, we don’t prefer to travel much for a liter of petrol or diesel or Auto Read More


does your cab Ride on Clean & Eco friendly fuel? Check before you book your cab

does your cab Ride on Clean & Eco friendly fuel? Check before you book your cab Are you worried about Pollution in your city? Next time when you discuss the bad air quality of your city, rising pollution levels, traffic Read More

auto lpg

Are we shy about Auto LPG?

In a 40 Lakh population city of central India fresh Auto Rickshaw licenses were given. The 3 Wheeler Supplied against were all Auto LPG + petrol compliant. To my surprise, no one in that town could have created 3000 new Read More

saving on fuel cost

The Time to use Auto LPG is Now, it can bring down your fuel expenses by 40%

what is your fuel expense every month? Rs 1000/- for a 2 wheeler user &  Rs.10,000/-  PM for a 4 wheeler? What stops you from saving 40 % of that cost by converting your petrol vehicles to Auto LPG? Today Read More

life without petrol

life without petroleum products -Story of petrol -short fiction

पेट्रोल ची गोष्ट वर्ष 2040, आजचा दिवस पेट्रोल व डीझल आता फक्त लष्करासाठी, राष्ट्रपतींसाठी व पंतप्रधानांसाठीच  आहे. शहरांमध्ये लोकांनी त्यांच्या गाडया जागा मिळेल तिथे सडकेवर सोडून दिल्या आहेत. लष्कराने इस्पीतळांचा, महत्वाच्या ठिकाणांचा ताबा घेतलेला आहे. अॅंबुलंस  आता फक्त गरंजूसाठीच आहे. Read More