life without petrol

कहानी पेट्रोल की how will be life without petroleum Products

  A fictional peak in to life without petroleum Products, Peak oil, Environmental economics, Petroleum politics, Petroleum, Futurology, alternative energy, Energy crisis, petrol, diesel, kerosene, wood, cng, cars, lpg, autolpg, coal. वर्ष 2040, आज का दिन : पेट्रोल व डिजल Read More


LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant Inaugurated-Confidence Petroleum Venture

LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant Inaugurated-Confidence Petroleum’s Venture Confidence petroleum has recently inaugurated its 15th LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant at Burujwada in Saoner. This cylinder manufacturing unit is spread across 3.5 Acres. This Cylinder manufacturing plant will cater to the requirements Read More


does your cab Ride on Clean & Eco friendly fuel? Check before you book your cab

does your cab Ride on Clean & Eco friendly fuel? Check before you book your cab Are you worried about Pollution in your city? Next time when you discuss the bad air quality of your city, rising pollution levels, traffic Read More


Confidence group celebrates Confidence day.

Confidence Petroleum India Limited Celebrated its annual Day on 9 th March 2017, in a glittering ceremony at Hotel Radisson Blu. Confidence day is celebrated each year to mark the Foundation day of confidence group and Employees from all parts Read More

LPG connection

How to Select a Private Non Subsidised New LPG Connection?

So you have decided to go for a Private new LPG Connection, so how to select LPG connection from your parallel marketer? Will he be able to supply LPG refill regularly? Where to book LPG Refill?  Will the private LPG Read More

life without petrol

life without petroleum products -Story of petrol -short fiction

पेट्रोल ची गोष्ट वर्ष 2040, आजचा दिवस पेट्रोल व डीझल आता फक्त लष्करासाठी, राष्ट्रपतींसाठी व पंतप्रधानांसाठीच  आहे. शहरांमध्ये लोकांनी त्यांच्या गाडया जागा मिळेल तिथे सडकेवर सोडून दिल्या आहेत. लष्कराने इस्पीतळांचा, महत्वाच्या ठिकाणांचा ताबा घेतलेला आहे. अॅंबुलंस  आता फक्त गरंजूसाठीच आहे. Read More