sucidal depression

Walk in to the mind of a suicidal person

This blog is about one person and his fictional experience about feeling suicidal. This has nothing to do with any general idea of Suicide.  If this touches you in any way, let me know. If this brings emotions in you, Read More

life & death

9 months of life & one moment of death

Life & Death, we have no control over the 9 months of life & one moment of death. Neither the cause of death.Life comes announcing, you get entire nine months to prepare for its arrival. You nurture its presence. It’s exactly Read More


Guest Blog:Things Everyone Learns on Their First Backpacking Trip

Things Everyone Learns on Their First Backpacking Trip Every experience in life begins from self and ends in self. Count it from fighting your way as a tiny egg to making it out through a world of thwarts and thoughts. Read More

life without petrol

life without petroleum products -Story of petrol -short fiction

पेट्रोल ची गोष्ट वर्ष 2040, आजचा दिवस पेट्रोल व डीझल आता फक्त लष्करासाठी, राष्ट्रपतींसाठी व पंतप्रधानांसाठीच  आहे. शहरांमध्ये लोकांनी त्यांच्या गाडया जागा मिळेल तिथे सडकेवर सोडून दिल्या आहेत. लष्कराने इस्पीतळांचा, महत्वाच्या ठिकाणांचा ताबा घेतलेला आहे. अॅंबुलंस  आता फक्त गरंजूसाठीच आहे. Read More