Namkin or farsan is an integral part of indian meal. casual or serious we indians just love to eat sev, chivda,chakli in alll variations.north to south and east to west namkins are made at home and also available as off the shelf product inattractive packing by local and manufacturers on national level.

the unbranded namkin is equally popular and holding its ground on its uniqueness.every city has its unique namkin store aelling absolutely amazing farsan.

some of the most popular varieties are BIKANERI FARSAN, GUJRATHI FARSAN,INDORI FARSAN,RATLAMI SEV AND more and more

Bikaneri has bikaneri mixture,bhujiya and more
Gujrathi has bhavnagari sev,gathiya and more
thousands of more variations are available across india by various names.

some examples
1}Gujrathi mixture is lightly sweetened,hot and has sev,gathiya,papdi,sakkarpara.
is suitable for all age groups.

2}Bikaneri mixture is hot,having gram anlentils as its major ingradient.

3}Tej mixture. Tej means hot and spicy.made with poha,boondi and chana dal.

4}Golden mixture gets its name from its rich golden has pudina flavor,with makai poha,poha,bhvnagari masala sev,papdi,barik sev,boondi and matar.

5}Bhavnagri sev,is made of besan,khasta,salt,ajvain,hing.

6}Ratlami masala sev is hot and chatpati with ajvain hing and chilli.

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