fellows who are struggling with mental health, recovery issues will immediately understand what I’am trying to say here. Life for us is trying to shave a wild lion on everyday basis. every hour , every moment we do it. all we need is the lion, once the lion is in view our.

for the saner ones, it is also applicable. we often try to shave the lion. Our boss, people in charge, traffic police, teachers and anyone with authority. The end result of this whole shaving process is filled with hurt, sadness and tears.

What attracts us to shave the LION in first place. Don’t we like the life as it is? then why do we try and change it. My dissatisfaction with life is like the lions beard, and i don’t like it hence i attempt shaving it. I think and believe that lion looks better without a beard.

In my everyday life with BPD, the entire day is spent running ,moving around shaving the Lion principle. i practically have an issue with everything. from the honking vehicles to, the way this country functions. My view about everything is important to me hence i want to change everything to the way i like it.

Minor things for other people become difficult fr us. simple tasks become humongous and we go to sleep bruised and emotionally shattered.

each day when i get us i tell myself that no Lion today and the moment the lion appears , i forget everything and go after the lion to shave him.

My depression, my life, my anger, my thought process,are the Lions i deal with everyday. and needless to stay they are still strong. Only difference is that now i have learned to live with them, i have learned to like their beard, or even i i don’t like their beard i don’t insist on shaving it, even if some day i want to shave lions beard i don’t do it personally.

We are coexisting with or without a shave.

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