10 incredible Cash Rich Small Businesses ideas in India which are literally minting Millions of rupees everyday. And chances are that you are not part of them. These business are cash rich, doesn’t get affected by Demonetization. For doing this you probably don’t need to pay any taxes directly. These business are legal and by the end of this article you will have Exclusive information on these Business opportunities which exist in India. You can Chose these business to change your life.

Let’s take a look

  • Selling Popcorn at Multiplex.
  • popcorn sales at multiples
    Party Entertainment Corn Movie Food Popcorn

No body bargains at Multiplex, so they buy a bucketful of popcorn at exorbitant price. The Accountant who deducts your 500/- on conveyance bills, can be seen buying popcorn for the same amount at Multiplex.

Buy corn, arrange branded cardboard box, mix, put in machine and make your 40 Rs. investment to Rs.400/-

  • Selling Cold drinks at Multiplex.

I’m amazed the way people pay that extra money for a cold drink, which they can buy at least 1/3 of the price. But then it’s a multiplex and money is cheap and cold drinks are hot.

  • Run a Parking Lot

Gone are one rupees for cycle and 3 rupees for scooter and 10 rupees parking charges for a car. At airport I paid Rs25/- for parking yesterday, same is the situation at Multiplex in my city. Government contract parking is little cheaper. Imagine 3000 vehicles at any multiplex which has Rs.20/- for a bike parking charges. Means 60000 rupees’ collection daily, monthly 18 lakhs just from parking charges. What kind of money is this? Absolutely tax free. No bill, no claim in any expenses. Absolutely great business.

  • Selling Water bottles in railway.
  • sale of water
    Bottle Of Water Drinking Water Bottle Mineral Water

Water is one thing you will never risk for the fear of hygiene.  So let’s start selling it. People don’t bargain the price of a water bottle irrespective of the label on it. If you manage to get a brand, then you can sell it at a premium. Cooool business.

  • Selling Meals on Train

The meals quality in trains has certainly improved. Now you can finish the meal which you get in trains. Point is there are no rates, neither there is any menu card. Whatever price the vendor says for the meal, you have to pay because you want to eat.

That’s the USP of this business, if you want to eat, you pay. If you want to eat good, you pay more.

  • Run a Tea Stall

Are you aware of the fact that Milk companies have introduced a 6 ltr and more sized pack for catering? Well the point is, next time when you visit your friendly tea stall near your office just talk to him about how many cups he sells, and you will get your answer. I have witnessed tea stall owners who are using 100 ltrs milk every day and some use 2 LPG cylinders every week. However, Quality & recovery of bills is the key here in this business.

  • Run an Auto rickshaw in Metro (of course without meter)

My first experience when I arrive in any city is with auto drivers. The amount which they ask and refuse to take a passenger confirms that they are earning huge. Don’t underestimate this business. A normal auto carries a rent of Rs.500/- in metro. Jokes apart, but you must have also witnessed this exorbitant pricing set by Auto drivers in many cities.

This is an unbelievably high money making business for one person if done well.

  • Selling Milk by Home delivery

Now margins are milk business are 3% generally. Imagine your money gets doubled at the end of each month surely. In a year your investment stands a chance to grow 12 folds. Secondly, ask yourself this one question. What is the cost of the milk which comes to your home? Are you aware what’s your monthly bill. You pay habitually at the end of month.

If you have good volume, and good money management skills, you can make a fortune here because all the business is in cash.

  • Selling Newspaper by Home delivery

Just like Milk, Newspapers also enjoy the same status. We are never aware of the cost of one month’s newspaper. Some newspapers are costly on one day and cheaper on next day. Newspapers have margins from 22% to 35 % but has a multi-tier system for distribution, Distributer to hawker to customer. Your money is doubled every third day.

This business requires excellent financial discipline and hard work to excel and achieve desired money. If you are not cautious with the change in your pocket, this is not the business for you.

  • Road side kiosk Business
  • foothpath business
    road side business

In My city we have an area where we shop for clothes mainly. There are other shops on that 1 km stretch of road which sell other things also. All shopkeepers have invested lakhs of rupees in their shops to attract customers, they maintain staff, spend on branding, pay taxes, pay electric bills, abide by parking rules and struggle hard to do business.

In front of all these big shops, road side vendors have acquired spaces with their kiosks selling clothes and cheaper items which are available in the adjacent shops. These shops have no board, no operating expenses, no electric bills, don’t have to pay taxes, no branding and guilt free business.

The latest seen in my town is furniture being sold on footpaths with huge inventory.


Now please tell me who is smarter? The Big shop owner or the road side kiosk owner? Both sell, one has more investment, less margin. Other has low investment and tax free cash flow.


These businesses are here, happening and successfully making money more than any organized business. It is interesting to see these businesses survive demonetization without much efforts just because of its unorganized business model. No doubt that most of these businesses are meant for single person only, but when even today people struggle to get good jobs, these opportunities are live and paying very well.


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