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What’s your game? It’s okay to play kabaddi on corporate chessboard

I’m a Cricket fan and followed the rules of this gentlemen s game seriously. All solutions came with politeness and system is what we believed.Corporate world is resolving their issues, and if  we can compare their fighting styles in comparison to a game then its kabbadi they are playing.

In cricket sledging is foul, you say something directly you are fined, if you get in a fight you might face a ban and the highest rule is, if you hit someone you are barred from the game.

we tried to play the new job with these rules of gentleman way. holding your position with grace while making your point was important to us.

To my surprise, in my new corporate world people stop each other by grabbing hands, using words to defend or attack without any strategy, people would pin other people down by holding their neck or leg, defeating the next person by whatever the possible way was actually allowed and practiced. Pushing and personal tackle was in fact allowed & hailed. Though not exactly in a physical style but strategically yes.

It took me a while to realize that the game played in corporate world is not Cricket.

We expect playing with the rules of cricket, but with people who were trained in playing Kabaddi or Kusti. In kabaddi or wrestling holding the opponent was allowed, pinning the opponent is also allowed. In fact, attacking play is appreciated in the process of winning. It works because the cricket fan is not ready for the kabaddi or kusti type hustle.

Imagine here, Mr Nrayan Murthy is a cricket fan & Mr Sikka is playing kabaddi. Mr Ratan Tata loves cricket & Mr Cyrus Mistry is playing kabaddi. These corporates have chosen to display their views differently this time. The Top managers have decided to fight it out. And we are amazed by the display of belief in their own game strategy reserved for their moves.

When did the game change? well, we are clearly not aware that the game now is kabaddi or kusti.But surely not the gentleman’s cricket, as we used to know once about the corporate world. Politeness & diplomacy is a dead strategy it seems.

But then again, where is it written that we can’t play by kabaddi or kusti rules? we assume that we have to behave in a certain way. Its okay to be Human before we are top managers. It’s okay to settle things like normal people. It’s okay to play kabaddi. It is okay even if it is not okay.

This is a different. The new corporate India is playing a new game, New rules and New output. Younger managers are fast -learners; they will play this game better than them anytime. But will they choose to be a cricket fan or they will join this kabaddi cult will be an interesting thing to see.

Just like the 80s hindi movies where Hero used to be comedian, singer , everything and used to be in every frame of  movie, these top managers are Communication experts, Public relation specialists, Spokesperson, campaigner themselves. And as the fate of the movie was sealed with one hero appearing for all roles, these top managers fail to understand that they cant be everything besides being themselves.

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