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It has been proved that more than 53 percent of all job applicants lie to some extent in their resumes in some or the other Content for job search. Tragically, those who don’t lie on their resumes stand to lose jobs to those who do. That creates the reason for the Present Innocents & Honests to be Tomorrows Guilty. Job search Lure tempts most candidates to go wrong give in to unthoughtful response. But, it is important to remember that it is what you do with the Resume format, rather than what the document can do for you. The resume format is only a marketing tool.

When you apply for a particular Job, you wish to have the Resume which will suit the Opening. the best. You wish to be the best candidate who has applied for the job. Obliviously,even if you have to lie a bit. Whether you’re exaggerating job credentials gained or creating complete fabrications, lying is just a very Bad idea at the end of the day.


 Your current Prospective or existing employer can always easily call your previous employers. It can be just to get information for transferring your provident fund, but if you have lied about your previous job profile or work experience, you’ll get busted if he puts in One Right question. may be unintentionally…& then then if you as an Ex employee is not in good books of the previous employer then He might not miss the Evil opportunity of Spoiling your Peace at Job or maybe even a Job.

 If you are changing jobs in the same industry, then Companies often have common forums. Employers often belong to the same professional associations, or have common networks. An extempore mention that you were the sales officer, not the sales manager, and you’ll be throwing away your Visiting cards.

 If you lied about your qualifications, your company may check your college’s alumni list or get it rechecked with University also through some source. Or someone at your new company will really be an alumnus, and they’re going to bust you.

“My friend X got away with it, so can I’ is usually the motivating & Comforting line when candidates start thinking of amending their resumes,” The only way a ‘fake’ can get through any hiring process is if the process fails or if there is no such full proof process Existing in force. Most often it is because of the people participating in the process. There’s nothing wrong with putting the best possible shine on your actual experience, but fabrications will eventually come back to keep you Full of Guilt & Scare.

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There are a lot of “little white lies” on resumes and applications & a whole lot have to do with reasons for dismissal and covering up gaps in employments. People also opt for Fibs which are generally Harmless but probably adds to the overall Impression & weight to the CV like seminars attended, workshops & training programs, MDPs, Computer skills, Extracurricular & recreational activities mentions etc. Most large companies use a third party to do background checks. Most do degree confirmations and employment checks.

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In this Morale & Ethics WAR, what should a candidate ideally be doing? Are there any alternate ways of making one’s resume impressive while remaining truthful? You should be definitely honest but present your accomplishments in the most positive way. Here’s how:

 Avoid consultants and recruiters whose personal profile is not very impressive. Nowadays there are people who runs Placements consultancy & Home rental consultancy from the same office, sadly& surprisingly managed by the same person. Check who is the consultant, what is his Past credentials before he actually got into consultancy. who was he.

He should ideally have spent a decade at least in industry on senior positions and should have a Multifaculty, Multidimensional experience in all the areas of management.He should also be able to understand your requirement well and also should have the Knowledge & Knack to Counsel you well…

 Do not sign any documents without reading them thoroughly. Read it and in case of doubt get it read & interpreted by someone you think is experienced & wiser than you.

 Have confidence in your actual credentials. Most people, who lack confidence has a Guilt & Complex about it which bugs them 24x 7. Lead with your strengths and be ready with justified replies to your shortcomings, deficits as per You or Comparative.

 Be sure your resume focuses on what you have accomplished and what you’re capable of doing. The Words & Sentences that you use should Focus on accomplishments. no HR manager is interested in what you were supposed to do, but he wants to know what you contributed.

 Personal interest can indicate a skill or area or knowledge that is related to the goal, such as Writing skills for someone in public relations & Corporate communications or Secretarial Job If you have some published work anywhere, it can give you a edge in your domain. You never know, may be your Compering skills during Pooja festivals can be useful for the company for their Employee gathering & socials.

Lying on your resume can come back to Haunt you for sure…sometimes even many years down the road. Don’t fall into that trap. Instead, reduce the issue by using being creative about marketing yourself and don’t let it stall your search. So Kudos to all those honest people out there, who are sticking to facts and demonstrate Truth when it comes to applying for jobs.

End of the day. Honesty is the Best Policy
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