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So you have decided to go for a Private new LPG Connection, so how to select LPG connection from your parallel marketer? Will he be able to supply LPG refill regularly? Where to book LPG Refill?  Will the private LPG cylinder be safe? Is their LPG bottle approved? Do they have infrastructure? Where can i get application for new LPG connection? What are the terms for new gas connection?

There are 4 main things to look for.

  • How do they get LPG Cylinders? Do they manufacture or buy. If they buy that means that company procures them from someone else.
  • Do they have a Bottling plant near your Location? An own bottling plant is a very big advantage as far as regular supply is concerned. Getting a refill from nearby location is easy.
  • Uninterrupted LPG Supply, Companies having their own auto LPG station near your location have to supply LPG on  a daily basis as they can not keep the Auto LPG station closed even for one day. The Preferred supplier needs to have own fleet of tankers & trucks to carry LPG cylinders so that the dependency on others is less.
  • How Close is your dealer for refill or new LPG Gas connection? In case if the dealer is not there is company ready to supply LPG directly?
lpg connection
lpg cylinder

Parallel marketer like Go Gas are equipped with own cylinder manufacturing, own 52 bottling plants, and 100 auto LPG stations with their own fleet of tankers. All this infrastructure dedicated to better customer service and timely delivery of the LPG cylinders to customers.

There are many   other parallel marketers offering similar services and you have a lot of options to choose from. You can always take feedback about supply & service from hotels & restaurants in your area as commercial gas connections are already available in most of these cities.

That will give you a clear idea on  how to choose your private LPG connection supplier.

Competition has always meant customer benefit and its time now to benefit yourself by adapting to a Private LPG connection.

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