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How to find A way to become a writer – Nikhil Chandwani, Like any young boy just out of junior college, Siddharth Sabari had dreams of making it big. He choose engineering as his way to achieve things in life. Life could not have been more kind to him when he got admission into one of the most reputed engineering colleges of the country. However once in the college, Siddharth funked most of his exams. Failure stared at him and he had no idea how to clear the papers, as the concepts of engineering just jumbled up in his mind.

He found out he was a dyslexic. Siddharth lost his confidence and became a loner. Away from home, surrounded with new people, thrown into new situations and pursuing a course he could not make head or tails off, his dyslexia came out strongly. The struggle to express his feelings through right words made things more difficult.
Ritesh another bright young boy had a similar story. He was not dyslexic but had suicidal tendencies. Having accumulated over eight backlogs as an engineering undergraduate did not help either. Ritesh found himself at the end of the road.

Siddharth Roy was a normal teenager working his way through school years in a daze. He was happy and content to just let the day pass. His family took him to be a happy go lucky guy. They thought he would get serious and show inclination towards a particular field after finishing his basic schooling. To their dismay Siddharth became more and more confused as the time to make a career call came closer.

Career counseling helped little as his scattered thoughts and feeble interest levels added to the dilemma. Siddharth it seemed had a mind of his own, only the mind was not ready reveal itself, not just yet.
Prab Keerat Mahendru a BBA student from a small town in South India had big dreams. He wanted to chase the stars, live under the open sky, feel the breeze on his face and explore the world. He wanted to become a travel writer. His only problem, his dreams were much bigger than the opportunities his town could offer. Prab felt the small town would never give him the freedom he desired, he saw no way to fulfill his dreams of travelling the world. Prab started withdrawing within himself.

Four people, diverse backgrounds, similar problems, staring at failures, an uncertain future and emotionally at their lowest ebb, same together and destiny changed. These souls were young, enthusiastic and hopeful of a bright future but the present dilemma made them vulnerable and sceptible.

What each of them did not know was that they were extremely creative, sensitive and waiting to express themselves. All they needed was someone who could believe in them, recognize their abilities and tell them that they are not failures, rather they were different from others and probably their interest lay elsewhere.
Nikhil Chandwani another dreamer, took up engineering but found the field failed to ignite his passion. Lost in the big crowd of wannable engineers and wanting to try something different, he lost interest in studies and failed in most of his papers in the first year itself.

Nikhil was a poet at heart, he longed to be among the world of books but found himself trapped in the world of wires and circuits. When he failed in his exams, he found solace in writing. The creativity within him helped him survive the uncertain times. Breaking away into a new and unchartered territory needed lots of guts. But blessed with parents who had complete faith in their only child, they let him follow his heart.

With parental support, Nikhil chose to pursue his passion. At the age of 18 he turned a writer and poured all his thoughts into his first book ‘I wrote your name in the sky and your’s and your’s too’. Since then there has been no looking back for this spirited city youngster, with four more books under his belt he is going strong. Nikhil said goodbye to engineering and hello to the world of books.

There are many youngsters like Nikhil who may have achieved bigger feats than him but what sets him apart is that after his initial success, he chose to guide youngsters like himself who felt lost in a wrong profession, had failed miserably as a result and were searching for someone who could help them make a right career decision.
In his own words Nikhil says “My feelings of being nobody propelled me towards writing and I found creative expressions for my unsaid emotions. In a way writing for me was therapeutic. After my first novel came out and was appreciated, one of my senior in college approached me for help in writing a book. That senior was Siddharth Sabari.”

“So in away I did not choose destiny, destiny chose me.”

Drawing from his own experience of struggling with academic failure and lack of direction, Nikhil could immediately empathize with Siddharth’s struggles with dyslexia. Together they not only managed to overcome Siddharth’s problem with words but Siddharth also published his first novel ‘Figmented Reality’ soon thereafter.
Ritesh Verma from Lucknow had a knack towards making movies and documentaries but was lost for directions and guidance, his suicidal tendencies made matters worse. Today Ritesh is not only a well known director of short films but has been awarded as the best director in a short film category of the prestigious Los Angeles Film Festival. He has also written a very successful novel ‘Mystical Emotions’.

Prab Keerat Mahendru no longer feels throttled in the small town and has found freedom he desired through writing. His work ‘The Old Monk’ is the representation of aspersions of many small town guys like him who if given a chance can break the shackles and achieve what they set their minds to.

Siddharth Roy, a youngster from Nagpur, today is a budding author with the book ‘The Special Fish’ already under his name. He writes numerous articles for different publications of India.

How did all these youngsters from different parts of the country come together, manage to overcome their problems, build a support system and help each other fulfill their dreams. They literally lived 24 x 7 under one roof, shared ideas and experiences and helped each other polish their art under Walnut School of Ideas in Nagpur. Set up by Nikhil, Walnut aspires to provide co sharing space for creative people. The concept though new to the city is fast catching up. Here creative people stay together, support and motivate each other to pursue their unconventional ideas with Nikhil playing the role of a friend, facilitator and guide. The ultimate goal is to help each one find success in their chosen sphere of life.

Nikhil says he never went out and picked up people who were in unhappy situations or had problems which needed to be sorted out. Infact, they found me out and my one on one experience of helping them gave me the confidence to try mentoring at a bigger scale. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see these extremely creative people follow their dreams and make a mark for themselves.

For this youngest Phd record holder at the age of 21, a distinguished author of five successful books, a travel writer and a mentor to the young minds life has just started.

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About the Walnut School of Ideas and Nikhil
Nikhil is from Nagpur and an author of five books. His first book was published when he was barely 18 years of age. Since then he has actively pursued writing. For two years he worked for Discovery Channel as a travel writer and travelled the world with the Discovery crew. He became the youngest visiting faculty of a prestigious college in South India and a motivational trainer of the country at the age of 20. Since then he has conducted numerous training programs for youth all over India and helped them sort out their thoughts and choose a career of choice.
Walnut School of Ideas was started by Nikhil in 2016 in Nagpur with a branch in Vijaywada to help youngsters choose unconventional and creative careers, guide them and help them perfect their art. The school has since mentored and taken under its wings number of bright youngsters who have become successful in their own right and have many achievements under their names.

As a young entrepreneur he has entered the entertainment spectre with Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. dedicated to film making, script writing and entertainment.

Nikhil Chandwani’s novels are
1) I wrote your name in the sky and your’s and your’s too
2) Coded Conspiracy – The novel was awarded Conspiracy Novel of the Year Award from the prestigious American Literary Forum Society.
3) Rectitude
4) Strange Tides On Broken Rhymes
5) Tale of an Unconscious mind

Nikhil has been honored with Global Indian of the Year award and Indian Achiever in UK by the Indian Embassy in UK.

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