Besides the charm of owning a LPG agency has many benefits. Apart from being a long term sustainable proven business model it also provides a chance to provide employment. Now you can easily own a LPG agency of a private operator in india.

In 2016, you are now free to choose your LPG provider. A host of multinational and national private players have entered the scene and are providing valuable service with quality product in india. As of today private LPG brand is a fairly accepted concept. Brands like Go Gas promoted by confidence group have earned a name for themselves in such a short span. Go gas is now available in 11 states.

Just like Mobile industry, LPG packed cylinder industry is witnessing entry of new players and struggle for market share. A city like Bangalore has more than 10 plus players who are providing packed cylinders to their customers on very regular basis.
Private operators are in Commercial segment mainly because they don’t have the advantage of LPG subsidy in domestic segment. Interestingly commercial LPG segment saw a turnaround in demand after adhar card linking effort taken by the government. The rates of commercial LPG are comparable to LPG rates of PSU hence we can see a healthy competition for market share in this segment.
Secondly, the quantum of refills are more than the regular domestic connection in a commercial establishment, hence the business is also better and model is viable in this segment for private players.

Things to Look in to before selecting your LPG Company:
1) Do they manufacture their own Cylinder?
Confidence petroleum India Limited is asia’s largest cylinder manufacturer supplying to PSU & private companies.
2) Do they have their own bottling plants?
Confidence Petroleum India Limited owns and operates 52 bottling plants of their own. Also providing bottling services to PSU & Private players.
3) Will they be able to supply LPG without any delay?
Confidence petroleum India Limited has India’s largest chain of 90 auto LPG stations across india and have been procuring LPG for these auto LPG stations since last 7 years.
4) Where is your potential company is supplying LPG today?
CPIL is present in Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore,Raipur, Coimbatore, and soon will be available in rest of india.

If owning a LPG agency was your dream then you can easily enter in to this business and start LPG distribution today to Commercial establishments, Industry today and establish a great business in city of your choice. There are local companies, multinational, and Indian companies operating in this field providing LPG Solutions to energy requirement of the nation.

Make a wise choice and call 876 7770 780/77220 31 461 become a distributor today. or watch

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  1. For youngsters who are unemployed &will to start his own business this one is good opportunity. My personal suggestions is that go & grab this opportunity. Thanks!

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