Confidence Petroleum India Limited Celebrated its annual Day on 9 th March 2017, in a glittering ceremony at Hotel Radisson Blu. Confidence day is celebrated each year to mark the Foundation day of confidence group and Employees from all parts of India Join to pledge their commitment to make India a cleaner place with Eco friendly fuel Go gas AutoLPG.

confidence day
confidence day celebration

This year, regional teams working in production, manufacturing, Sales, Marketing from Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Delhi – NCR, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttarakhand and other parts of India. All divisions Auto LPG, Cylinder Manufacturing, LPG Bottling, packed LPG, Projects & others had participated wholeheartedly in the celebration with their amazing performances.

cmd confidence group
confidence group chairman

It was a wonderful occasion to see Seasoned professionals  Charted accountants, Engineers, Office staff from various deciplines Accounts, transport, HR, Coordination and other departments made their presence felt on Confidence day.

The main event comprised of team performances in the form of entertainment programs with an awards night for the key performers of the Organization. Top performers were awarded prizes at a glittering awards night Bollywood style function. Various divisions contribution was accredited with awards.  

Anchors, Musicians & singers from Mumbai and staff made the entire event lively and joyful. The Confidence groups commitment towards its family members was deeply appreciated by the confidence members.

Confidence petroleum India Limited is a Nagpur based company engaged in LPG & allied Business. Confidence group is the leading LPG cylinder manufacturer in India, Also the leading private sector LPG bottler of india with 52 bottling plants. Today the Auto LPG division of Confidence group is again the leading retail chain of standalone Auto LPG stations of india. The brand Go gas is the most rapidly growing brand of packed cylinders in India and is available in over 12 states.

In addition to this CNG cylinders manufacturing unit, project division & other divisions are contributing to the groups growth plans.



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  1. We the Confident Tamil Nadu Marketing Team are honoured to be a one of its Confidence PROUDE member to witness the CONFIDENCE DAY!!!!!

    Awesome Event!!!

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