5 Tips to make your anger work for you. So you feel anger prominently? You feel to punch your boss but are afraid to do so. You want to change things but your anger turns solvable things in to a mess. Anger can be a potential tool for growth if applied in daily management of work and things. Anger can help you achieve milestones in your career. Anger can develop you and your personality positively. Anger is like a bad weather, it may come in with a bang but eventually it has to fade out. You don’t make homes in a hotel rooms, similarly anger is a hotel room where you might rest for some time but need not stay forever.

We all have this emotion called anger, without this emotion I feel that progress if difficult. This emotion is like a double – edged sword and often punishes the one who doesn’t now how to handle it.

Work places have strict rules for exhibiting anger, You can not behave like a loose cannonball. You need to have this emotion in control to move forward.

I will share a story of a boy with you, young sensitive and angry. In his life time he hit 8 persons. He was so powerful that his one punch or one slap drew blood. From age 12 to age 28 there were 8 incidents including a Bar brawl. The people who got slapped or punched will remember it forever as either their teeth missed or they got wounds treated.

success tips
5 tips to make your anger work for you.

Now these 8 incidences got the boy a name that no employer wanted him (2 incidents in Office also) Entire family stayed away from him, he was ignored & avoided by friends, his relations strained with his loved ones and above all he was uneasy.

Today 18 years have passed since the last incidence and sharing 5 tricks used by him to make his anger work for him.

1)      Let it Go (It’s not worth it)

Often anger stems out of unfulfilled expectations. In work it’s often blame game, Boss or unfavorable situations.

Letting go helps recognize the tasks which can cause anger at Workplace and drop it out of your priority list. Anger is a Hot target to hold it forever in your heart. its not worth it.

2)      It’s just a job, Nothing is personal about it.

We often take our jobs more seriously than we should. I’m not saying don’t love your job, I will rephrase it to love your work.

What you need to know is that jobs at office are done on target, test basis, People will come & go. Office politics, credit snatching and other routine things will happen. You need to be sharp to handle the office situations backed by results. Always remember there are plenty of fish in the ocean, you will have your achievements irrespective of your current situations.

3)      You can’t control people, Things and events.

Take a print out of this line and paste it at your work station. The struggle in life and work is because we want to control people, Things and events and its cumulative output.

Once you accept the fact that you can not control, you will learn to influence & motivate people to do the things you want them to do. This is an interesting phenomenon as this will help you accept jobs not done, share credit for the jobs done and enjoy the success of the jobs done extremely well.

success, tips
5 tips to make your anger work for you.

4)      List your anger in to specific goals.

The worst thing about  motivation sometimes is that it can come from humiliation. You feel bad, and you want to stand tall in the world so you take all your anger , make it your rocket fuel and fire up that ambition rocket to your destination.

Sounds crazy but yes. Your anger which stops you from doing the right things and walk the path of success is the  fuel you need to move ahead. Provided if you use it for yourself and don’t share it on others.

So fuel up that Rocket.

5)      Express your feelings exactly.

Anger often demonstrates high pitched voices, situations we don’t want to talk about. But there is a solution.

Just tell the other person in simple words how you feel about it. Like “ Bob, Your comments has hurt me and i am feeling angry about it.

Jim, your output in task has failed us as a team, don’t repeat.

Just say the right words. Nobody likes to gets pushed in a corner, When in corner people think they must fight back. So unwanted situations can be  avoided with simply expressing the right feelings in right words.

For more adventurous people who have a habit of trouble, there is always HR to take care of things before you decide to be the judge of that case.

People with anger basically need to understand that they need not fear others, they need to fear themselves for the damage they can deliver. Hearts they can break, Tasks they can prolong, and careers they can spoil. People need to understand the importance of their anger and its expression. They need to understand that anger need not be taken out in any situation. It needs to be brought up only when it is worth it.   Also anger to be expressed as anger not as a rage.


Let your anger work with you, for you. Have a great day. If you like reading this, mail your comments on


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