These are my all time favorite bikes which I have had a chance to ride and wish they were available in 2017. These bikes represent an era, a time and a history with itself.5 Bikes I wish were available in India today are Enfield fury, Enfield mofa, Yamaha350, Rajdoot-Yezdi-Jawa, Bajaj M50.

Enfield Fury

The ‘Fury’ name was revived by Enfield India for a licensed copy of the German Zundapp KS175. Royal Enfield (India) assembled the 163 cc Fury from parts imported from Germany when Zündapp Motorcycles ceased production and closed their factories in 1984. It had five-speed gearbox, a hydraulic Brembo disc brake and a sleeveless hard chromed cylinder barrel, all were a first on a motorcycle in that country.

I had a chance to ride this beast once for a short distance of 60 km, which we crossed in 30 minutes on a dusty road. Disk brakes, mag wheels, 5 speed gearbox were very new to Indian market then. Unfortunate that Fury didn’t work out well in Indian market.

I wish this bike was available now because of its power packed performance and superb riding comfort. Would have loved to see this 5 speed machine compete with currently available 150 cc plus variants in India.


Enfield Mofa

A 90 cc Wonder again was launched too early for its time. Mini moped designed by Morbidelli of Italy to manufacture in India. The 22 cc two-stroke engine had a centrifugal clutch and the fuel was carried in the frame down tube.

bikes from past
22 cc bike once in india

22 cc engine was not a promising power builder, but imagine in a city like Bangalore where streets are crowded and moving around a small radius of 5 kms near your house is tedious, what wonders Mofa could deliver to you even today.


Mofa by virtue of its size had a superb mileage of almost 90 km per liter, now think if this Mofa running on auto LPG would it be an amazing idea? Our densely populated cities need Mofa Now more than ever.

I wish Mofa was available once again because of its simplicity, ease of use, and its potential to break through clutter of Traffic in any city.

Yamaha RD 350

The RD350 was a two-stroke , Twin Cylinder motorcycle produced by Rajdoot. It evolved directly from the piston port (pre-reed valve intake tract), front drum-braked, five-speed Yamaha 350 cc “R5”

The bike is the first sport bike of India. The bike & its riders are exclusive in India with only 7000 made. With 30 BHP under its belt the bike was one of the most powerful bikes of that time.

yamaha rd 350
twin engine yamaha

I wish Yamaha RD350 was available once again on Roads in India because I have been tired of waiting to own one. I want to take a road trip across national highways of India on this bike. For Yamaha RD 350 truly belongs on road and in the wind.


Rajdoot / Java / Yezdi

Rajdoot was 173 cc 3 gears way of life for india. Ideal Java Mysore who gave this 250 cc wonder later renamed it to Yezdi.

I grew up watching these 3 bikes ruling the streets. In my opinion there is still a gap to be filled in 175 cc and 250 cc which these bikes have left. Today if you are lucky and in Bangalore you will find riders sporting these bikes and enjoying the power this bikes offered.

java bike
java ,yezdi


I wish we had these bikes back on road because of its utility and ease of use. Cans of milk would not look good on a 100 cc Bike, a police looks great on these bikes. The charm and manageable power output gave these vehicles a class in its own.


Bajaj M50

What would you call this 50 cc wonder? A bike or something else. A simple design, 2 stroke engine, 3 gears and raw power. You name the terrain and Bajaj M50 will cross it. Across desert, Cities, rural India, dirt roads, Water clogged streets or any condition, my Bajaj M50 never disappointed me. A small fuel tank gave it limited running capacity, but as a driver I was never shy to run it on kerosene also.

It was a low weight, low height machine which allowed comfort and control. Wider seat made long distance rides easier.



I wish Bajaj M50 was available on Indian roads once again due to its ability to cut through the hectic traffic and running conditions. With better roads in India it would be fun to zoom Bajaj M50 from urban to rural like the old days.


I know that all the 2 stroke engines were phased out and some bikes mentioned above had gearbox issues, mileage issues, maintenance issues. But also imagine this, with betterment of technology till 2017 we might have had wonderful machines today.

Some bikes like BSA- Bond, BSA-falcon 50 cc wonder bikes, Silver Plus, Explorer, Lambretta, Suvega, laxmi 48, Allwyn Pushpak, Vespa170, Bullet 250 and many more recent bikes like Kinetic Honda, Avanti Gareli, Honda Street, kinetic K4, Bajaj Sunny, Kawasaki Colt, Sx Endura, Shaolin, Shogun were there which have defined the way we commuted.

The top 5 listed here are my very personal choice and wish we have same fun again on streets with these toys.

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